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Welcome to


What we do

We are a career and entrepreneurial events brand that caters to the creative industries. We host themed networking events and business masterclasses.


We cater to three divisions: educational establishments, creatives who are employed, freelance or business owners/entrepreneurs and female empowerment.


who we've worked with

Vanessa, Guest

I went to a lovely networking event created by Hetty Ash. It’s amazing to see young women going out to do what they love and enjoy while making money out of it #CreatHers

Selina of Cideas, Guest & Vendor

It was a really good opportunity to network, give some tips and advice about my business journey and just be in a room full of mile minded entrepreneurs.

This is the second time @HettyAsh is running CreatHers and I must say both occasions have been successful and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Melanie, Guest

This day was an amazing experience full of fun, laughter, lots of motivation, uplifting, inspiring and something I don’t get to witness everyday, women all in one room showing so much support, love, care, interaction and confidence. For some women they wouldn’t necessarily know where to start or don’t even have the support they need in order to start their dreams/visions, this has opened up a door to many.

Glance Cupcakes, Sponsor

The panel was awesome and the venue was excellent. Wonderful ladies with positive attitudes. See you next time.